Girls/Boys Beginner Camp at Sherwood HS (Olney, MD)

                               June 21-June 24  2021  (4 nights)                  $130.00                 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
This camp is for girls and boys ages 10 through incoming 10th graders who are either new to organized volleyball and have only middle/high PE volleyball experience or limited (rec) team play experience. The camp focuses on the basics of volleyball including the rules, positions, basic skills and offensive and defensive systems. A perfect camp for those who want to learn or improve on the basics of volleyball.  Campers may be dropped off as early as 5:30pm.  Registration will open in early January.  

  Intermediate Camp at Sherwood HS (Olney, MD)  

                               June 21-24,   2021  (4 nights)                 $130                        6:00 pm – 9:00 pm        

This camp returns after a very successful first year.  Designed for girls 12 and under with  previous club/travel volleyball team experience and who want to continue to improve and refine their basic skills.  Campers will receive training in the various positions of volleyball along with plenty of opportunity to utilize offensive/defensive systems in team play games.  This camp will focus on continuing to improve passing, setting, attacking, defensive and serving skills, while providing many opportunities for competitive team play. 

This camp will be run by at least one current or former collegiate volleyball coach, providing a unique training opportunity for younger campers.     NOTE:  This is not a camp for beginner volleyball players.  Beginner volleyball players should register for the Beginner camp (also at Sherwood) on the same nights.  

 Intermediate/Advanced Level Camp at Discovery Center  (Germantown, Maryland)

                      July 12 – July 16, 2021        (5 days )           $275      9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Early Bird discount $265.00 if registered by April 1st

             Girls Ages 13 through incoming seniors. To register for this camp a player must have past playing experience on a competitive varsity, junior varsity or club volleyball team. The camp takes place at Discovery Center, the premier indoor facility in Montgomery County & is one of the few summer camps to feature Air-Conditioning!  We hire only college and high school Coaches or current/former collegiate volleyball players for this camp (There are No high school aged counselors for this camp).                                                                                        


This Camp is a fast paced, fun and well-designed training camp that has plans in place to focus on refining individual skill and techniques along with team skills such as offensive/defensive formations and game strategies that will further the camper’s skillset.  This camp also focuses on specific techniques related to individual positions, often led by coaches/college athletes who play that position.   Being able to train & dialogue with a variety of College Players as their counselors brings another dimension to the entire camp experience. Register Early!  The Discovery Camp has sold out for Thirteen (14) straight years!   Due to high demand, we have again arranged for several additional courts to be added for this week of camp at Discovery.    For more information about the camps please visit us on the web at: ,  or    Email Coach Zanni at

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